Watch the videos, and remember to take time daily to meditate and journal. Even for just one minute.

Journaling prompts:

1.) On the top of a note page write one of the human needs, then draw a line down the middle. One the left side write “low level,” and on the right side, write “high level.” Then list as many low and high level ways as you can think of, for how you are meeting that need.

2.) List how you can be meeting this need at a consistently higher level… journal it out if that helps. Get clear on what a high level “need met” would look and feel like.

3.) Move on to the next Human Need, and create the same chart until you’ve organized your individual experience and process with each of them:

  • Love/Connection

  • Significance

  • Certainty

  • Uncertainty/Variety

  • Growth

  • Contribution

4.) Spend a few writing sessions digesting what this process has shown you. How have you been held back by meeting needs at low levels. Can you think back to 10, 20, 0r 30+ years ago? Write out anything that comes up for you. Writing is healing. Sometimes writing is about beautiful things… and sometimes it’s totally okay for the page to be a garbage dump. Honor yourself for whatever needs to be let out. No holding back.