Natalie Pfund is a Nutritional Therapist and Life Coach specializing in identifying life purpose, overcoming negative cycles, success mindset, weight loss, food sensitivities, intuitive eating, fitness motivation, life balance, self love, relationship health, and goal crushing.

She believes in nourishing passions, cultivating creativity, and seeking lightheartedness. Taking care of the body begins with taking care of the person inside. Our job in this life isn't just to be physically fit and intelligent, but instead to chase our best selves as a means to share our gifts to our greatest ability while we're here.

Success is a mindset. Natalie wants to help clients not only overcome their challenges - but to use their challenges as stepping stones to success.

Natalie has a soft spot for guiding yoga, she studied massage therapy at Ashmead College, and sought her nutrition education through The Nutritional Therapy Association. She is currently expanding her strategy set through the Strategic Intervention Life Coaching with the Robbins Madanes Training program.

She wholly believes that bodies are intuitive and self healing when fueled organically, unprocessed, and with love.

On a more personal note, Natalie is a hobby collector, an over-analyzer, and a spirited human being. Her yoga clothes stink, her dresses are pretty, and her food is brimming with nutrients. She likes cabana boys, sand beneath her feet, sun kissed skin, and her brand new son. She is a dedicated student of the human condition.

Ask questions, or schedule a consultation at 808.594.3888.