Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies (Almond Meal, Maple Syrup, Paleo)

lick your lips yumdiggity!

lick your lips yumdiggity!

Hey beautiful readers! There's nothing I hate more than a recipe blog that tells you all about everything else first. I think hell really might be a never ending bus ride with the windows shut tight and you're forced to read the beginning of recipe blogs, but never see the actual recipe.

So without further ado, here's the worlds best gluten free, dairy free, paleo - esk Chocolate Chip Cookie (bar) recipe.

You'll need to mix the dry stuff, then mix the wet stuff.

Then mix the wet stuff into the dry stuff.

Dry stuff

1.5 C. Almond flour

1.5 C. Rolled oats

1/2 C. Tapioca flour

1/4 C. Hemp seeds

1/2 t. Baking Soda

1/2 t. Sea Salt

Wet Stuff

1 organic egg

1/4 C. Maple Syrup (the real stuff) + About a tablespoon of overflow. ;)

1 T. Coconut oil - Organic, unrefined

1 T. Vanilla extract

Once everything is sufficiently mixed, go ahead and fold in your dairy free chocolate chips.

You'll want to use about 3/4 C.... but who am I to judge if your hand slips a little bit and it end up being closer to 3 cups worth? I'm kidding, right? ;)

Mix it all up... You'll need to use a scraper to gather the dough into a ball.

Pour 1.5 T of coconut oil onto a cookie sheet, then spread the oil with your hands. Do not wash you hands yet.


Use your

oily hands to pick up the dough ball and transfer it to the cookie sheet.

Keep your hands nice and slimy as you press the dough into one big cookie, until it's about 1/4 of an inch thick.

The oil trick saves lots of heart ache, hand washing, and about 1/2 the dough. Trust me on this. I've made a lot of cookies!

Once the cookie is pressed, bake at 375° for 17 minutes.

Congratulate yourself. You've just created something delicious without any gluten or dairy. Many people said this couldn't be done. Send each of those naysayers a picture of your chocolatey and satisfied face.

You are a shining star, and now you know how to eat like one. ;)


Thanks for baking, make good choices. :)