Love Your Body Now! Digital Course


Love Your Body Now! Digital Course


You understand that loving your body as it is will benefit you in reaching your health goals, but you just aren’t sure how to go about building that love.

Does that sound like something you feel?

Are you realizing that you can’t exactly “make” your body be something that it doesn’t want to be? Have you ever felt let down by your body?

So have I.

Years ago I was a hot mess. I felt that my body was broken in some way. I kept asking, “why can’t I just be like her?'' I was envious of women who could eat anything they wanted and not get sick, or break out like crazy, or live in brain fog.

Now I understand that my difficult experiences in my body were all lessons. My body and my intuition were guiding me to where I am now. I am a spiritual healer. My educational background is in holistic nutrition. I studied life coaching when I began to realize I was far more interested in my clients’ relationship with food and body. This is where a tremendous opportunity for change and growth presents itself in many people’s lives.

That’s where this course came from. Deep love, and deep inspiration from the depth of my life, my work with clients, and my studies. I am a holistic nutritionist, life coach, yoga teacher, and writer. I loved bringing every angle of my skills into this heart filled course.

Once you make your purchase, you’ll receive a downloadable file that contains the password to the course.

In the course you’ll find 8 Modules with a suggested self study timeline of 4 weeks. Go whatever pace feels right to you! The modules include:

  1. Welcome & Introduction - What you need to know about the course moving forward + a guided meditation to land you in the right head and heart space.

  2. Goal Digging - How to identify the heart goals that are hiding under a layer of socially acceptable language. And how to cultivate genuine motivation from your deepest goals.

  3. Positive Self Talk - How to catch your negative self talk and transform it into positive affirmations and mantras. Energy that serves you!

  4. Belief Editor - How to identify the limiting beliefs that are causing negative emotions and words about your body, and how to transform those beliefs to work in your favor!

  5. Self Care - How to light yourself up again. If you’re not sure what lights you up, this will help you find the answers.

  6. Body Care - How to truly nourish your body so it is getting what it needs in order to function and heal the way it was designed to.

  7. Exploratory Meditation - A meditation that takes you on a journey deep into yourself and through a series thought provoking questions that are designed to deepen your connection with your body.

  8. Bonus Meditations - Two more guided meditations! One is for grounding you in love and helping you access what you need each day. The other is a healing journey with your inner child.

Are you ready to finally start your healing process? Are you ready to shift your perspective in the way you think about your body? Are you ready to fall in love with who you are from the inside out?

Your body, and every story that you have experienced in your body, is a gift. I want to help you perceive it that way.

Join me on this journey with no risk. If you genuinely feel that there has been no healing or insights in your relationship with your body, please put in a request to get a full refund.

I know this course will be a huge gift for some women. Are you intrigued? Purchase below!

Still have questions? Give me a call: 808.594.3888. Let’s talk about if this course is right for you.

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