If you want to create a lasting ripple of positive energy within you, touch your throat lovingly and look in the mirror as you say,

“I am ready to cancel my subscription to my limiting beliefs.

I will retrace my steps from

my actions,

to my feelings,

to my thoughts,

to my limiting beliefs.

I will rewrite each limiting belief to a limitless belief as it presents itself in my life.

I forgive myself for what I did not previously understand.

I will cover my previous, present, and future self in love as I move forward writing new beliefs that reflect the life I want to live.”

Feel the powerful vibration in your throat as you speak such strength into yourself. Let yourself bath in the reverberation.

Take time to journal all that bubbles up from this process.


Journaling Prompts

(With each of these prompts, also explore where these beliefs developed, and if they might be outdated for who you are today.)

-What do you believe about food? What is food? What is it’s purpose?

-What do you believe about “being healthy?”

-Do you believe that some foods are bad or “junk,” and some foods are good? Elaborate.

-What would happen if you let go of the good and bad labels on food? What if you called foods either “nutrient dense,” or, “an indulgence.” Do you believe there would be a specific outcome? Write through it.

-What do you believe about your body in relation to food? How your body looks in relation to food? How your body feels in relation to food?

-What do you believe about dieting? When did you first learn to diet? When did you first think you needed one? Elaborate…

-What do you believe about thinness? What do you believe about not-thinness?

-What do you believe about hunger? Cravings? Calories? Fat? Carbs? Vitamins? Minerals?

-What do you believe about self love, worthiness, and taking care of yourself? How has restricting food played into this? How could the concept of nourishment shift the energy here?

*For each of these beliefs, ask yourself, “What must I believe about the universe for me to believe this is true?”