Step 1: Welcome!

I hope you’re ready to love your body! This is a spiritually healing journey to an enhanced relationship between mind, body, and soul. You may find that videos in this course may not be where I say they are in the videos. That’s because over time, this particular course has been built by a few projects. If a video calls itself mod 2, but you find it in mod 6, please roll with it. ;)

You will need:

An open heart, and open mind, and a desire to know your spirit on a new level. Also, a pen and a journal/notebook.


You must meditate and journal for at least one minute a day throughout this course. All you have to do is focus on slowing and deepening your breaths, bring love, joy, and/or gratitude to heart’s center, and feel into the gifts of these high vibration emotions.

When you’re ready, set your timer for meditation and/or journaling for one, five, fifteen, or 20 minutes. That’s all. Start small, grow from there. No pressure!

Pro Tip: How to know when to meditate and journal, and how to build that habit?

  1. Write out a skeleton of your day with all the big things that always happen.

  2. Look for an opening where you can fit 1-20 minutes worth of meditation and journaling.

  3. Create an alert on your phone, and make a firm deal with yourself that you will follow through.

  4. Think of things that might make you decide to skip (just this one time), and actively eliminate their hold on your plan.

  5. If you keep your journal right next to where you’ll meditate, and you schedule your meditation alert to go off when you will be perfectly capable of taking a seat for one minute, you’ll find that your success rate will skyrocket. :)

  6. I encourage you to journal right after your meditations.

How to Meditate:

There is a myth that meditation has to look and be a specific way. It’s not true, meditation takes many forms, and all of them are beneficial at different times and seasons of life. Feel invited to try several kinds of meditating, and each day, ask yourself what kind of meditative nourishment you need. There is one commonality that stretches across all forms of meditation, and that is: BREATH. Breath work is healing and cleansing, so in every meditation, bring your focus to deepening your breath. Breath slow and steady. Here are a few kinds of meditation to research further, or ask me about on your next call:

  • Movement meditation: walking, yoga, swimming, running, biking, dancing etc…

  • Breath work meditation: there are numerous ways to use the breath as a focal point, and source of nourishment, cleansing, or energy.

  • Candle flame or Incense: You can set a timer and immerse yourself in the life of the flame or smoke for the allotted time.

  • Stillness, seated, or laying: Sit comfortably, with a straight spine, or lay supine with palms facing up, and toes falling open.

  • Non guided: You simply start a timer for one minute or whatever your goal time frame is. You can play soothing music, enjoy pure quiet, or birds chirping outside.

  • Guided: There are even countless styles of guided meditation. You can search Youtube, or meditation apps for specific healing categories and topics to address in a guided meditation. This course offers several unique guided meditations.

  • Mantra: This is when you think positive, nourishing phrases with your breath. For example: breathing in slowly with the words, “I am beautiful,” and releasing your breath with the words, “I am Healthy.”

Step 2: Guided Meditation

Below is a meditation to get in touch with your relationship to your body. After this meditation, take some time to journal out any thoughts, feelings, or visualizations that felt noteworthy.

Step 3: Journaling Prompt.

For this journaling experience, start with at least five minutes, and if you can keep writing after that, I encourage you to get as much on paper as you can.

We are made up of our stories. Our stories are the thread in the fabric of our lives. It’s healing to identify and remember some of our first memories, as they laid foundation for many fundamental beliefs.

In this journaling session, write down everything you can recall from your first memory (or maybe your first few), with food. Color in every detail as best as you can. Feel into it. What were you feeling? Who else was there? What was happening? Have you remembered this before? In what context? Write out all that you can.

This might be an emotionally stirring exercise. Do your best. In the following modules, we are going to get into healing, reframing, and rewiring work. You can do this!