Watch the video, meditate, and journal about cycles you catch yourself in.

Journaling prompts:

What do your stress cycles look like? When you catch yourself in one, or two, or three this week, write them out… Make them real on paper, or - - the screen/keyboard. :)

-Name a few examples of stress cycles in your life. What did the video help you understand better?

-what was your experience with the meditation?

-How does stress that is seemingly unrelated to your relationship with food affect your food choices?

-How does stress affect your self talk?

-How does stress affect your clarity of mind?

-How does stress affect your beliefs? When you’re calm and happy, do you have different beliefs than when you’re overloaded?

**When you catch yourself in stress this week (or any time at all), find a quiet space, and surrender to this meditation. I encourage you to journal your experience.