Taking care of the Self is something think about, and experiene in our physicality. But we are not our physical bodies. I am not my body. You are not your body.

Who we are, is the life and consciousness that lives in our body.

Self care can be a great many things, but the most important thing about it, is that you approach self care with a genuine desire to take care of the energy residing within you.

Therefore, working out at the gym to burn a specific amount of calories to make up for an indulgence, is NOT self care. That's a punishment to your body for not being “good enough (already),” or at best, a transaction.

Your body is not a cash register for calories.

Your body is a vessel for the incredible essence that is your most REAL and powerful Self: your soul.

Self care is all about going to the gym, yoga, running, etc... because it makes you feel good in some way. It does take time to develop that kind of craving/relationship with fitness. So go easy on yourself as you learn to shift that frame of thinking in your mind.

It’s a good idea to consider the belief work in the previous module, as you navigate this shift.

STEP 2: Journaling Prompt:

  • Write a list of everything you can think of that genuinely lights you up from the inside out... and/or that you know is good for your inner light.

  • What makes me feel alive?

  • When do I feel happy and free?

  • When do I feel comfortable in, or unaware of my body? As though my body is a cozy home rather than an obstacle.

  • What would it look like for me to celebrate my life every day? How can I do that? What are 3 realistic points in my day where I can set reminders to celebrate?

STEP 3: Homework:

Do at least one of these “light you up” things EVERY day. Take time to think about where each of these activities can fit on specific days. Even map it out in your journal... and then your calendar. Make it tangible. Make it REAL.

Set an alert on your phone to remind you when it's time to take delight in your life.

Follow through, be present, and let yourself indulge in joy. Notice how it feels to be lit up in the heart. Bring this feeling into your meditations.

Bring this feeling into as much of your daily life as possible. Consider this feeling “awake to your true self,” and try to be awake as often as possible.

You are worthy of loving your whole Self.

Relevant Side note: Have you heard of how the comedian Bill Murray keeps showing up in random places, doing seemingly normal activities with regular people? There’s a documentary on Netflix about this… Someone wanted to understand why he does it. The answer it seems - is that he wants to wake himself up to life, over and over again. He’s doing it through purposeful, genuine connection. He is making people’s days in part because of his celebrity, but also, because he’s showing up insistent on all participating parties, simply being present. He’s firing people up about and with presence.

After watching that documentary, I felt inspired to show up to life like Bill Murray. :) If you watch it, take some time to journal out, how life would be different if you started living like him.


Write down your experience with mirror work… What did you like? Dislike? Was it easy, difficult, fun, powerful, transformative? What came up for you? Journal it out!

~How are you doing with all this? Write down your questions as you go, so we can address them on your next 1 on 1 session.