Step 1: Watch the video, and start creating your personalized affirmations.

Be creative with your affirmations and mantras. Where will specific messages best serve and nourish you. Plant your own loving, words of encouragement in thoughtful places so you see them at the right time each day. Do not skip this step. It’s very powerful.

Here are some examples of affirming statements.

“My body is a walking miracle.” -A reminder to place by your bedroom lamp.

“I am worthy, of taking up time, space, energy, and love.” - A reminder that you will no longer try to be invisible to others, as a way to not be a burden.

“I exist. I am alive! And that is wonderful!” -Read this aloud when you wake up.

“I am at peace with the pace of life,” or, “I am patient.” -Great nourishment for your car dashboard.

“I am craving variety and feeling creative.” -Would serve many of us beautifully on the fridge or pantry.

“I am beautiful. I love my skin. My lines reflect a full life lived.” -Would serve well on the bathroom mirror.

“I am allowed to eat anything I want. I live in an abundant universe, and I am worthy of nourishment and a fulfilling life.” -Place this in your kitchen.

“It’s absolutely important for me to love myself wholly and unapolagetically.” -Put this next to your running shoes, or skincare routine.

“My body has been with me every moment of my entire life. My body is my closest friend, a teacher, and a confidant.” - A great affirmation for a mirror in the bedroom.

“I choose to see love, lesson, and worthiness in my struggles.” -Where would this serve you?

Get the idea? Make decorative note cards for yourself. Have fun with it, and create new ones any time you need to! Don’t get perfectionist about this. A plain note card finished, is more effective than a gorgeous piece of art that is never finished. Jot down the kind words you need, and get them into view ASAP!

Life is beautiful..PNG

This is a quick guide to creating your affirmations. Use it until you get the hang of the process.

~Do you have questions, or need some support? Write your questions down in your journal, so we can go through them in our next client session or live call!

Journaling Prompts:

To be written through in individual journaling sessions.

-When did I stop believing in my innate worthiness? When was the first time I can remember feeling unworthy?

-When, where, and how did I learn to use my physical appearance for worthiness and acceptance?

-Do I find others worthy and acceptable based on their appearance? How might I do this? How and why do I practice more acceptance for others than myself?