Opportunity Looks Like Hard Work

If you've read my last two posts: This one, and this one too

Then you're probably thinking, "NATALIE, for crying out loud, get the bleepity bleep bleep out of there!" Believe me, I was on the same page. However, the last few years of income have been pretty dodgy, thus solidifying my gratitude for any job. Though I did have one great gig that kept me in the positive for a full nine months;

I was a surrogate for an A-list Celebrity's illegitimate pregnancy.

No, that's a lie. The truth: It was a fun, positive, and super cush nanny gig. Actually, I made the same wage (as the job from hell) watching one delightful toddler with my duties being;

  • to enjoy her awesome personality,
  • go for walks,
  • play,
  • and clean up the mess we made.

I did not do laundry, I did not cook, I did not walk the dog, I did not water or weed the garden, I did not have to restrain violent children. This job unfortunately ended when the little lass matured enough to pull up her own, ahem, pull-up. Therefore graduating Nanny University, and making her application to preschool outshine the competition. Also, there was an opening, and she was next on the list.

Did I want to make more money in that job? Hell yes. Did the job description warrant more? No.

That family was (and still is) incredibly warm hearted, considerate, and fair.

I made it a priority to find a job with more household responsibility so that I could justify making more. I made this clear to all the families I interviewed with. Initially the "money doesn't buy happiness lady" agreed to my asking wage. At the interview the husband suggested starting lower for a trial period. Pretty standard. I accepted.

A few months in, I found myself loaded with four times the responsibility as my previous job, with less predictable hours, and no increase in wage. I was exhausted physically, emotionally, and spiritually. That's when all this raise business came up.

Why did I stay through all the blatant disrespect?

Not all jobs are valued the same. Not all employees are worth the top dollar. This was a high maintenance family, and as a top shelf nanny, the circumstances were lined up for me to ask for top dollar.

I'm not afraid of working hard to gain ground in life. I'm afraid of working myself into the ground and missing out on life.

I did get the raise. The money I was able to save thanks to the raise, came in very handy when they let me go a few months later...

Just before Christmas.

Sometimes the opportunities provided by the universe aren't what we would wish upon a shooting star for, but I've learned that being a hard worker, and a yes person, the right doors will always open at the right time.

More to come.
Thanks for reading, make good choices! :)