Why I Don't Own a Scale

I am generally pleased with my body.  I am strong, flexible, and my clothes fit the way I want them to unless I eat processed food and suffer bloating and digestive upset.  I haven't weighed myself in maybe three months because I don't own a scale, and I don't really care what the number is.  I saw a scale in a friends bathroom today and stepped on.

I know that i fluctuate five pounds, but stepping on and seeing a number (that may or may not be accurate), reflecting the top of my fluctuation made me feel anxious.

I suddenly started to question my current perception of my body.

  • Should I be content where I am when I thought I would be at the lower end of my fluctuation?

  • What if this scale is incorrect.

  • Maybe it's my clothes' fault.  No, my clothes are lightweight; a pound, tops.

  • I did eat processed food yesterday, maybe I'm just bloated.

I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, "you were happy with this image before stepped on the scale, you look the exact same now.  It's just a number."

It's just a number.  This is why I don't own a scale.  The truth is that I've never been slave to the number, though I have gone for extended periods of time with routine weigh ins.  I've always loved bodies, and find amusement in watching the daily and monthly fluctuation.

I decided that owning a scale wasn't necessary when I realized that my body looks and feels the way I want it to when I eat to nourish.  Watching a number, at some point became a distraction from how I was feeling.  If I feel good, I look good, no matter the number.

If a number has me pressured to make good choices, I'm apt to over think, stress, and  ultimately rebel.  I don't like rules.  I don't like being told what to do.  I don't like making authority figures out of anything beneath me.  (get it?) ;)

I have taught my body how to love and crave nutrient dense foods.  When I am eating intuitively, my body finds a comfortable and rooted balance.

Sometimes I eat food for the pure sake of letting my taste buds dance.   I accept the consequences in full faith that my body will crave what it needs to heal and rebalance.  Numbers don't belong in my system.

What my body knows

  • That my milk jugs have been about half a size bigger for the last six months.

  • That I've been practicing yoga regularly and feel stronger and sturdier than I've felt at many of my lighter weigh ins.

  • That my clothes are fitting great!

  • When I have digestive problems: bloating, pain, gas, loose stool, constipation, heart burn, etc...

  • When I have inflammation: skin inflamaion: acne, itching, blisters, rash, hives, body pain, joint pain, headaches, fever,

  • When my energy level soars and dives.

  • When my attitude changes: increased emotional response, apathy, sadness, anxiety, nervousness, etc..

My body knows when I feel balanced, content, and good overall.  The scale knows what I weigh, and if it's super fancy it knows my bodyfat percentage...

The scale doesn't know my cup size, and it doesn't know about your Kim K assets either!

What do you think?  What's your relationship with the scale?