Dating Pistachios

If you can get over the fact that these little bundles of heaven look like cockroaches, you're in for a real treat!  


How to:

Step one-  Take a deep breath.  I know this looks like it's going to be a time intensive science project, but you're wrong.

Step two- Cut open and/or pit a bunch of dates.

Step three- Cuisinart the crap out of  1.5 cups of pistachios. I mean it.  Process it, pulse it; don't stop until it's just. like. butter.

Step four-  ***Unplug the machine and remove the blade.  Le duh.***

Step five-  Stuff those dates!

Step six-  Enjoy these high energy and sustaining treats any time you want.  I love them with coffee in the morning.  They're also a fab pick-me-up snack for that difficult four 'O clock crash.  

I try to keep refined sugar free snacks like this grab-able, so I'm less likely to opt for chips or a candy bar in a moment of weakness.  Set yourself up for the win.

This clip from the historical drama, Aladin, has me scratching my chin and thinking this genius food combination may be nothing new after all.


Thanks for reading, make good choices. :)