9 Ways to Make Your Skin More Cozy

Do you ever feel trapped by your body? Do you feel lethargic, cloudy, bloated, or weak? Do you feel inhibited by what your body can't do?

I sometimes feel like my mind is going a thousand miles an hour and my body can't keep up. Often times my brain can't even keep track of the thought directions I want to go. I wish I knew everything. I wish I was one of those people who always nails everything on the head. Instead, I usually feel like a blubbering fool... and I sneakily use google in almost every non face to face conversation I can.

Most of my best friends are successful overachievers. I've watched time and time again as they panic before every important deadline. Have they done enough? Will their efforts be enough? Did they get it right? My friends are stupid brilliant, and yes, they always get it right. They usually win awards, and kick ass titles.

My point is that those people who I see "nailing it on the head" all the time, don't feel like they are nailing on the head.

Deep down they know they can do it, and they do it.

What about the rest of us? When we're paralyzed by fear, anxiety, low energy, or health problems, where do we start? Here are nine places to start:

  1. Learn to be comfortable with what your body and mind is capable of right now. Know that every day is different. Some days you're a powerhouse, some days you're a collapsed shanty.
  2. Exercise. Whatever kind you're drawn to. Do it because it's fun and makes you feel good, not because you want to be different.
  3. Get acupuncture. Sometimes my insides feel like loud static on T.V. If you struggle with anxiety or depression, try acupuncture. Nothing makes me feel more at home in my skin than acupuncture does.
  4. Learn to release anxiety. When your thoughts are going in negative circles, take a deep breath and say out loud, "I am releasing this problem (name it) because it does not belong to me." Then call to mind all you're thankful for.
  5. Encourage yourself. Say out loud, "I am full of life. I am healthy. I am successful. I am thankful for all that I have."
  6. Celebrate every small victory. Give yourself attaboys, and meet up with a close friend who supports your goals, and is proud of your efforts.
  7. Consider how many live nutrients are in your diet. Pay attention to how you feel after a green smoothie.
  8. Consider how much of your diet is void of life or nutrients. Pay attention to how you feel after fast food.
  9. Know that it is okay to rest. Life is hard. When you need to, rest, eat chocolate, drink a case of wine, and cry. Probably the hangover will have you wishing you felt as good as you did before the drunk emotional breakdown. You can only go up from the bottom!  Drink something green and smile, because you just pressed the up arrow.

Life is what we make of it, and every day we have to start somewhere.


Thanks for reading, make good choices. :)