Small Things With Great Love

Timer selfie at Cockroach Cove, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Timer selfie at Cockroach Cove, Honolulu, Hawaii.

I have been struggling lately.  I've had writers writers block.  There is so much I want to share, and yet the words refuse to dance out of my fingertips when the keyboard is beneath them.  I have incredible goals and hopes for my future, but my doubts and fears make a point to balance out the scale.  Yesterday I was feeling particularly lost, emotional, and generally "blah,"  so I made an impromtue visit to acupuncture.  I felt much better afterward, and even better after teaching yoga.  

One of my favorite parts of teaching yoga is the freedom we have to share positive, and thought provoking quotes.  Above is one quote I shared yesterday.  I like to encourage my students to practice with love, compassion, and patience toward themselves and others in the classroom.  I sometimes invite my students to practice with awareness  and care for each and every movement they make in class.  This is also beneficial in life.  

As we move through life with great care and awareness, we're destined for forward movement.  

My second favorite part of class is during our deep relaxation sequence, we practice setting and repeating intentions for ourselves.  Even when I teach the class, I take that moment to repeat my intentions for myself three times, in simple, present tense language, and with conviction.    

We're only supposed to chose one intention, but that doesn't bring the calm and successful future on fast enough for me.   So I always choose three.  For the past month, at least twice a day, I have been repeating to myself:

"I am strong.  I am successful.  I am love.  

I am strong.  I am successful.  I am love.

 I am strong.  I am successful.  I am love."

This is a small exercise, but practiced with great love and genuine intention, it (I) can change my whole life.  

How do you feed yourself in rough times?  Do you practice setting positive intention?  I'm excited about my future successes, and I'm excited about my current journey.  It is a beautiful life, after all.  

Thanks for reading, make good choices.  :)