18 Questions To Ask yourself When You're Busy and Unhappy

Split in half and upside down. A metaphor and also a pose. :) Photo cred.: Me.

Split in half and upside down. A metaphor and also a pose. :) Photo cred.: Me.

For the last year I have not had a full day off built into my schedule. I know the value of stable income, so for awhile I was just blissed out to finally have financial security between my three jobs. Recently the toll has worn down my body, and I'm hearing myself repeat mechanically that I'm thankful for the stability, but I haven't been experiencing the kind of joy and lightheartedness that comes with a few doses of rest, play, and passion.

Busy isn't always a good thing.  Often when people ask how I am, I tell them with a tired look on my face, that I'm busy. They usually say something like, "That's great!" Or, "Better than the opposite!"

Yes, busy can be a great thing. There are all kinds of ways busy can be beneficial, but sometimes (I think often), we end up busy for the sake of others. I'm recognizing that I need to, and where I need to draw boundaries in my own life in order to live more joyfully.

Below are some questions I've been asking myself to decide how I can make "busy," improve my quality of life rather than drain the life out of me.

1.  Do I feel happy?

2.  Do I have energy?

3.  What parts of my day give me energy?

4.  What parts of me day drain me?

5.  Am I craving different activities than my usual routine?

6.  Are those activities healthy and/or productive?

7.  How can I fit those activities in?

8.  What can I give up in order to fit something different in?

9.  Why do I have guilt about carving time out for myself?

10.  Am I carrying a sense of responsibility and obligation that doesn't really belong to me?

11.  Does anyone around me identify? Do other people feel this way about their "busy?"

12.  Do I have time for self care?

13.  Do I have time to spend alone?

14.  Do I have time to pursue my own passion?

15.  Do I have time to continue my education?

16.  How serious am I about feeling better than I do right now?

17.  Am I willing to say no?

Am I willing to say no?

Why not?

18.  Do I really want to be happy if I'm not willing to create boundaries to protect myself?

I am willing to say no.  I need time to chase myself.

When I'm not chasing myself, the light inside me starts to die out.  I need time to go running, to go dancing, to take baths, to blog, to learn, and to laugh with friends.

If you are in a place right now where you're constantly racing the clock, try asking yourself these questions too. It's a rare friend who will give you permission to chase yourself instead of wealth or tangible goals. Keep those friends around, and give yourself the permission.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading, make great choices! :)