8 Reasons I Am Not My Body


I am not my body. You are not your body. You are a life inside a body, and you have an incredible mind to bridge the gap between your body and your spirit.

My body has helped me to connect the dots between my Self, my health, and the health of the environment. As I navigate through this amusement park called life, it is more and more evident that while we so quickly define ourselves by our physical nature, we cannot be so simply categorized.

  1. I am not my body because my body gets in the way of my plans.  -I wanted to be an olympic gymnast, or a ballet dancer.  I didn’t have the feet for ballet, and adrenal fatigue started weighing down my body and my dreams in middle school.

  2. I am not my body because my body doesn’t always move when I feel the urge to create. -I’ve thought through millions of blog posts… but there are only so many posted, right?

  3. I am not my body because my body sometimes wants to keep moving even when I have no energy left to give. -Sometimes the only thing I can do, is keep going.  Who knows what will happen if I lose the momentum, even if it is ultimately aimless.

  4. I am not my body because my body has to learn things that on the inside, I feel I already know. -Do you ever feel like enjoying the music is the most natural thing to do, but allowing the body to dance feels stifled and totally off base?

  5. I am not my body because my body has been injured in some ways beyond repair, while my inner self has proven itself to heal, time and time again. -When cheese and I broke up, I thought the gleam in my eyes was forever lost.  Instead, I found a new zest for life; the kind of zest you only feel when your intestines are functioning properly!

  6. I am not my body because my body is not the part of me that can empathize with the people in my life. -When my heart hurts, when the tears well up, when I reach out to give a hug, when I cry at a wedding, when I jump for someone else's victory, or share a laugh with a baby: these are reactions of my spirit.

  7. I am not my body because the way I look is not always the way I feel. -Fit does not mean a person is in good health.  Fat does not mean a person makes poor choices.  If you want to know how someone feels, look for the light in their eyes.

  8. I am not my body because who I am cannot be summed up by what you see.  -I am infinite on the inside of my fragile and ticking body.

Knowing my own body’s pain and journey, has allowed me to consider that of others. My compassion is strengthened with every trial.  What are your thoughts?  Do you identify?  How do you know you are not your body?


Thanks for reading! make good choices. :)