better than cereal papaya salad

Papaya Salad Cereal

Papaya Salad Cereal

People are always surprised when I say I don't miss dairy or gluten.  At some point during the conversation, said person kindly offers advice on milk substitutes for my cereal.  I remind them that I don't eat gluten.  They look to the floor awkwardly, eventually deciding that something in their far right distance has become of great importance.  Finally, their gaze falls back on me as they regurgitate what their recent brain bulb has shown them, "they have gluten free cereal now!"  I always wonder at this point if I should protect their ignor.. I mean innocence, or tell them that I also avoid refined sugar.  I usually decide to be honest, and polite as can be.

All that is to say that my recipes below remind me of cereal. Well, in retrospect, cereal is reminiscent of fruit with cream. It has recently struck me as entirely odd that we consume processed cereals designed to taste like fruit while dousing it with adulterated milk. Starving our bodies of the nutrient dense, fatty cream that it craves, along with the many vitamins and minerals found in whole fruits. 

Here goes something: 

1.  Gut and chop your papaya.

2.  Pour full fat coconut milk liberally.

3.  Add raw (or properly soaked and dehydrated) chopped pecans.  This is where that familiar crunch comes into play... so again, be liberal.

4.  Add a small amount of cinnamon.  Then, add way more.  I love loads of cinnamon in this dish, but of course, you must follow your own heart.

5.  Take a taste, if you'd like more sweet, add grade b maple syrup, or raw, local honey.  

6.  Take a moment to gather your intention for this meal/snack.  How would you like this meal to affect your body?  Your day?  Sprinkle sea salt and intention, sit down, and enjoy!

Here I go again: 

Papaya Coconut Apple Salad

Papaya Coconut Apple Salad

This recipe is the same as above, with the exception of the following variables: 

- I used less coconut milk for a drier, more traditional fruit salad texture.
-I added chopped apples.  Asian pears are also a delightful addition.
-I used chopped almonds instead of pecans.
-I added shredded coconut meat.

Be creative!  Don't be afraid to alter my recipe.  Let me know how it turns out!

Thanks for reading, make good choices. :)