Daniel & The Unflushable Puppy Dog-boy

Obligatory "night out" bathroom selfie.

Obligatory "night out" bathroom selfie.

The friends of a friend of a friend that I went out with that night ditched me at the club entrance. They somehow got in for free and didn’t count me as part of the group. I test pretty high for Ugly Duckling Syndrome (meaning I often don't quite fit in with crowds), so invisibility isn’t new to me, but I’ll be darned if I had to pay to enter and they didn’t!

Fortunately the puppy dog-boy who had been following me around the bar next door popped up beside me full of promises about how he knew somebody who knew somebody, and that he would get me in.

There was a bit of confusion and a pretty awkward moment when I realized that this guy was going to be a tough flusher. I thought I could lose him with a quick stop in the bathroom.

You know, take a dance club bathroom selfie with a coat of fresh lipstick, have a sip of whatever drink someone left by the toilet, and then re-enter the club to find tastier arm candy.

Free drink, live a little!  (totally kidding)

Free drink, live a little!  (totally kidding)


The man was a floater. I ended up having to do time with him on some platform behind the DJ. Apparently this was the it place to be for the hipsters who don’t like to dance. It felt like prison to me, but I must have looked cool up there, and that's really all that matters.

I made the most of my situational perch by scanning the room for the hotties I would eventually try to hypnotize with my undeniably existent dance moves.


My eyes landed on a tall, dark, and mysterious, bearded man in the open double doorway. I’d had enough to drink that I decided staring was a totally okay thing to do. I stared at him for quite some time, before finally excusing myself to go dance. It only took few minutes for me to realize that my awesome moves weren’t working on anyone, and the AC was blowing like crazy on the only part of the dance floor I could fit my body.

I resolved to stand opposite handsome guy for a minute before heading out.


Moments later, Daniel introduced himself. I shook his hand and met his gaze as I told him I'd noticed him earlier. He smiled, "I saw you looking."

He told me I reminded him of Olivia Munn, and that he builds children’s educational apps. He asked for my number, and inquired about what I do. I’m ever tired of explaining my lifestyle to people, and I was feeling particularly bold at the time, so I just told him to Google me. - Yeah, I'm embarrassing, morning face-palm is pretty standard around here.

He told me I was cute and that he wanted to keep hanging out with me. It was one of those delicious moments I absolutely wanted to stay in, too.

The lights came on and puppy dog-boy found me - like he thought we were going to leave together? Daniel asked if he was my boyfriend. I told him that I’d only just met the guy and that he was weird. When I waved him onward, Daniel nodded at me, “nicely done.” I felt comfortable next to him. His eyes were warm and knowing, and his energy felt open and confident. I knew even then, that he was going to change me.

We parted ways outside with a promise of a phone call.

First date story to come...


Thanks for reading, make fun choices. :)