Life's Invitations

Kylie Jenner lip challenge. ;)

Kylie Jenner lip challenge. ;)

My social media feeds are littered with "13 Tips," "21 Reasons," and "The 7 Most Important Ways" to be any and every way different than I am now.  


I despise these lists.   They are redundant, and they imply that the writer has something figured out that the rest of us don't.  I just read a touching article about how to get over heart break.  In the final paragraph, I learned that the author's said romance was three weeks long.  Heart break?  Are you kidding me?  That changed everything.  Either the blogger was desperate for something dramatic to write about, or emotionally unstable.  Neither option is worth my time.

What am I getting at?  In this age of information, I am a sucker for learning and growing.  I crave relevant truth.  Truth doesn't have to ensnare you with a catchy and dramatic title.  Truth can be a few simple words that hit the bottom of your stomach.  You may not know when they found you, but they'll stick around until you're ready to process them.

Ten years ago, a conversational whim inspired me to experiment with my diet.

I didn't read any lists about how and why to give up dairy.  I just did.

Why did I do it?  In the words of the late Paul Harvey, I was "sick and tired of being sick and tired."  I was craving change.

I didn't know that the choice to experiment with cutting one food group out of my diet would awaken health, passion, and the purpose of my spirit.  All I knew was that I wanted to feel better, and that cutting dairy might help with my hay fever symptoms.  

This relevant truth was directed at a group, but I heard the personal invitation loud and clear.  

We are inundated with information on a daily basis telling us how to become happier, bigger, smaller, faster, stronger, louder, prettier, and wealthier.  Sometimes I feel like my life is too loud to hear the invitations that are for me.  

If we slow down our search for ways to be MORE, or BETTER, and instead focus on just being ourselves, our personal relevant truths will bubble up to the surface.

Tell me about a defining moment in your life.  Do you love where your life is at?  Are on the edge of change? Was there a specific event or gut feeling that put you in a certain direction?


luscious lips will make you extra desirable!

luscious lips will make you extra desirable!


Thanks for reading, make good choices. :)