Your Body Is Not A Prison

Embrace yourself as part of the magic. Photo Credit: Clifford Kanda.

Embrace yourself as part of the magic. Photo Credit: Clifford Kanda.

You are not a prisoner of your body.

Media and advertising would have you believing you are. Actually, convincing you of the imaginary wall called, “your body’s shortcomings,” is a multi-billion dollar industry. You may even work in advertising and still fall prey to the ever present message that you are lacking. Miserably.


You are not a prisoner of your body. You are not defined by your body. You are the life inside your body. If there’s anything that can be learned from the flower growing in the cracked concrete, it’s that life doesn’t accept imperfection and difficulty as an end all boundary. Rather, life seeks and finds the route that leads to opportunity and growth.

The walls of your body, your skin, and your limitations are obstacles specifically designed to be overcome by you. You are meant to find the crack.

You are meant to embrace who you are and what you have. Fully. Deeply. Genuinely.

Make friends with your Self.

You’ll start to realize that what you lack cannot be bought. What you lack is not perfection. What you lack isn't even in the magazines.

The feeling of lacking comes from a deep need to connect with the Self, and to give from this pure place. To contribute meaningfully to society, and ultimately, to feel like you matter.

Making friends with your Self will dramatically change your expectations from your body. You will find that your body has likely been trying to speak to you for years about your truth.

Making friends with your Self doesn’t mean all your limitations melt away. It’s your perspective that melts into a new mold.


Your limitations, your pain, and your walls illuminate your greatest gifts once you find the right angle. It's from this angle that you'll see how you can really make a difference to those around you. This is where you'll find your path to passion, purpose, and belonging.

You are not a prisoner of your body.

Whatever your supposed flaw, however difficult the obstacle, the prison is in the mind.

The mind is the one who buys into the media. The mind is the one who decorates the merry-go-round of anxiety with webs of lies. The mind is the one who celebrates wallowing at the base of imaginary walls.

The mind is like the big brother who is not mature enough to be left in charge of the younger kids.

How does one escape? By deciding to overthrow the negative navigation of the mind. You escape when you decide to rebuild the pathways with heart based intentions - funded (of course) by taxes on the mind's wasteful use of anxiety.

Retrain your pathways with:

Breath, words of love, compassion, and friendship to your Self.


Assume your burdens, or symptoms are a conversations stemming from a place of love. "What is my body trying to teach me?" Ask yourself this question. Breath into it. Let it go, and refocus yourself on love several times a day. This creates a pathway for opportunity and growth - whereas, the mind tends to accept symptoms as a concrete slab.

Speak love into yourself until you know that your life is love. This may take weeks, months, or even years to fully set in. Start the conversation anyway.

This is how you set your Self free. This is how you learn to appreciate your body. This is how you can more fully embrace this life.

Your body: your friend, your teacher, your teammate =  your freedom.


This is not always an easy to go alone. If you want support in your journey to retrain the mind, visit my Consultations Tab for your free Initial Consultation. Underneath your obstacles, you'll find your greatest truth and joy. Let's uncover them!

Thanks for reading. Make loving choices. :)

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